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Our Mission

We empower enterprises with next generation solutions that unlock the potential of geospatial data. 

Facilitating data capture, merging of disparate data and AI/machine learning together with high value analytics informs decision making. Our inhouse geospatial and mapping experts drive industry focused product development and promise ongoing enhancements to ensure our solutions remain cutting edge.

K-MATIC Value Proposition

KLEARVIEW360 is the catalyst, unlocking the potential within your geospatial data and solving real world business problems. It’s an intuitive interface, connecting the physical and digital worlds. Facilitated by a unique combination of field data capture and an interactive browser-based portal. Powered by AI/Machine Learning technology.

KLEARVIEW360 platform delivers business benefits such as improved efficiency and productivity, enhanced decision-making, cost savings, competitive advantage, and improved collaboration and stakeholder engagement. These benefits contribute to the overall success and growth of our clients' businesses in the geospatial industry.

Embracing geospatial solutions can transform your outcomes.

When you work with K-MATIC, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

How? Because every day, we strive to meet our five principles of TRUST







Our Brand Promise

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