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Digital Network


Utility infrastructure asset management software


Make the maintenance of aging utility networks more streamlined by conducting underground utility, drainage connectivity and MRPS pipeline surveys via the KOREC Capture Utility module. Design, build and maintain a complete digital utility network using the simple mobile app.

Collect data more efficiently than using generic data capture products or pen and paper

Analyse time-stamped data with the authenticated name of the field user, to ensure 100% traceability of work

Respond quickly to issues by sending alerts to workers in real-time keeping them in the field

transparent desktop map.png


  • Unrivalled geospatial asset insight

  • Measure Map and Manage the Natural and Built environment

  • Low cost, High Accuracy GPS collection

  • Mass Data Capture, Mobile Mapping

  • Terrestrial Scanning or UAV Photogrammetry

  • AI derived data

  • Combining Industry Knowledge with simple, intuitive software

  • Facilitating the exchange of information throughout the organisation

  • Bringing certainty to your decision making

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